Details of Strathspey Railway
Locomotive No.60

Builder Hunslet Engine Co. Ltd.
Works Number 3686
Building Year 1948
Ex Works Date 18th January 1949
Loco type 0-6-0ST
Driving wheel diameter 4ft 3in
Cylinders 18in x 26in 2 (inside)
Coupled wheelbase 11ft
Boiler Length 9ft 11in
Diameter 4ft 1 1/4in
Number of tubes 181
Tube diameter 1 3/4in
Heating surfaces Tubes 872.5 sq ft
Firebox 87.5 sq ft
Total 960 sq ft
Grate area 16.82 sq ft
Coal capacity 45cwts
Water capacity 1200 gallons
Weight loaded 48t 3cwt
Max height 12ft 1 1/4in
Max width 8ft 2 1/2in
Length over buffers 30ft 4in
Fitted with Hill-Bigwood Mechanical Stoker March 1962.
Mechanical Stoker removed July 1967 to February 1968 at Lambton Workshops.
The first new steam locomotive supplied to NCB No.2 Area after nationalisation 1/1/47.

No.2 (Mid-East Durham) Area
1/49 to Lambton Railway Loco Sheds, Philadelphia
1957 to Hetton-le-Hole
1960 to Philadelphia
9/62 on hire to No.6 Area Springwell Bank Foot Shed
10/62 on hire to No.3 Area Sherburn Hill Colliery
3/63 on hire to No.3 Area Blackhall Colliery
4/65 to Philadelphia

Northern half of No.2 Area merged with No.1 (North-East Durham) Area 28/6/65

Purchased from No.1 Area by No.3 Area (South-East Durham) 7/65
No.3 (South-East Durham) Area
7/65 to Dawdon Colliery No.3 (South-East Durham) Area merged with No.4 (South-West Durham) Area called South Durham Area from 26/3/67.
South Durham Area
7/67 to Lambton Engine Works (to remove Mechanical Stoker)
2/68 to Dawdon Colliery
Standby to diesel by 1/4/74